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Feb 2017 Q & A: Directories, Security, Languages, and Genesis

There were lots of question at the February 2017 East Bay WordPress meetup. Here they are with their answers.

What’s the Best Directory Structure for WordPress?

If you are planning to have multiple WordPress installs on your hosting account, or to install both WordPress and other apps on a single domain, it’s a good idea to put WordPress in its own directory.

There are also other occasions when you might want to create a separate directory or subdomain. (WordCamps move the previous year’s WordCamp info onto a subdomain so that the main domain always shows the current year’s information.)

And then there’s the question of whether to use a subdomain or subfolder structure for WordPress Multisite.

The WordPress Codex is the best place to start:

Note that we will be having a meetup about WordPress Multisite in May.

What are Some Best Practices for WordPress Security?

There are many posts about this (most of them covering the same points), but again, it’s helpful to start with the WordPress Codex article “Hardening WordPress.”

Among the most fundamental suggestions are

  • Keep WordPress, plugins, and themes updated
  • Use a good username (not “admin”!) and password
  • Don’t re-use passwords across multiple sites
  • Don’t use an admin account to publish content
  • Make sure your user id is not “1”
  • Use an antivirus on your computer to prevent infections spreading to your website.

It’s easy to start using strong passwords by installing a password management app. LastPass is free for 1 device and $12/year to install on all devices. It generates and stores strong passwords and syncs them between your phone(s) and computer(s).

What’s the Best Tool for Publishing a Site in Multiple Languages?

You (or your clients) may have a multi-lingual readership, and sometimes an on-the-fly mechanical translator like GTranslate doesn’t cut it. The most-established (though by no means easiest) plugin is WPML, which Sonja London recommends. Polylang and Weglot are two others.

Note that if one of these plugins doesn’t work with your theme, the problem might be the theme.

Those plugins address the front end of the site (what visitors see). The Polyglots team is in charge of translating the WordPress admin and settings pages for themes and plugins. Plugin and theme authors are encouraged to make their extensions translation-ready. There’s an Admin Language Per User plugin so each author on your site can interact with WordPress in his or her own language.

Where Can I Find a Good Genesis Starter Theme?

If you use (or want to start using) the Genesis Theme Framework, sign up for the GenesisWP Slack team, where you’ll find a large and helpful group of Genesis developers.

StudioPress provides a free Genesis Sample child theme, but it’s not everyone’s ideal starting point. Tonya Mork over at Know the Code will teach you how to build your own Genesis Starter Theme.

Here are a few other options:

July 2012 Slides: WordPress Multisite Deep Dive

Things change rapidly in the WordPress world. The content in this post is more than a year old and may no longer represent best practices.

The topic of the July 2012 meetup was WordPress Multisite. Since it had been more than 2 years since we covered the topic of Multisite, we started with the basics of what Multisite is, how to create a network, server and hosting considerations, subfolders versus subdomains, and domain mapping, before moving on to case studies from Sallie, Cole, and Anca.

Sallie’s slides include the overview and some screen shots of her own WordPress Multisite installation, which encompasses her business sites and personal blog, plus her mother’s website, and a client’s newsroom websites.

[slideshare id=13650025&doc=multisitedeep-dive-120715215456-phpapp02]

Cole Geissinger demonstrated the custom theme he’s developed for clients to use with his hosting and development services. The result is a network of hundreds of sites that work a little bit like WordPress.com.

[slideshare id=13659794&doc=colegeissinger-developmenttalk-120716150201-phpapp02]

Anca Mosoiu explained the uses of Multisite in the enterprise for building an intranet.

[slideshare id=13676727&doc=ebwp-wordpressms-enterprise-solutions-key-120717211540-phpapp01]

Thanks to DISQUS for the pizza!

July 2012 Handout: WordPress Multisite Deep Dive

Things change rapidly in the WordPress world. The content in this post is more than a year old and may no longer represent best practices.

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