High-Performance WordPress Websites with Sonja London

Speed matters. No one wants to wait around for your site to load, especially on a phone. And WordPress isn’t known for being fast: one of the key selling points of WordPress managed hosting is the server-side caching.

Sonja London has been doing performance tuning since before WordPress was invented. She explains how to determine what’s slowing your site down and what to do about it. Don’t settle for the generic suggestions provided by Google PageSpeed Insights: following them may make no difference at all if your real problem lies somewhere else.

When to Use WordPress + Roles

We get two short presentations and plenty of time for discussion, networking, and Q&A this Sunday.

Part 1: 

The Roles you need to build your WordPress website and the software you can use to replace them

Anca Mosoiu takes a tongue-in-cheek look at assigning roles and capabilities in WordPress–especially for clients.

Part 2:

Is WordPress the Right Tool for This Job?

Sallie Goetsch just gave this presentation at WordCamp Los Angeles. WordPress is made of awesome, but sometimes it’s not what your client needs right now. Learn ways to identify jobs that are right for you, right for the client, and right for WordPress.

As always, we will have time for introductions, general Q&A, and pizza provided by our sponsor A2 Hosting.

July 2016 Handout: Accessibility Resources

The good news about web accessibility is that there are a lot of resources out there for developers who want to build accessible websites. Here are a few of the ones I’ve bookmarked.

These are not the result of a comprehensive search, which I’m sure would turn up many more resources, but rather articles I have come across in my regular WordPress and web development reading.

WordPress Accessibility Handbook

Rian Rietveld’s State of Accessibility Presentation from WordCamp Europe

Elise Roy’s TED Talk: When We Design for Accessibility, We All Benefit

Web Accessibility Basics from Marco Zehe

Free Web Accessibility Course from Udacity

WordPress.org Accessibility Support Forum

WordPress > Support > Accessibility

The A11y Project


Tota11y Accessibility Visualization Kit

WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

Enter your URL to check the accessibility of your website.

Yoast’s Must-Read Accessibility Posts (A11y and SEO)

Carrie Dils: An Intro to Accessible WordPress Themes

7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

Article on Medium by Jesse Hausler from Salesforce. Doesn’t want to do the content card thing.

Color Safe WCAG Palette Generator

Presentation by Michael Beil: How do I know if my web project is accessible?

More WordCamp Accessibility Videos

tuts+ Accessibility Learning Guide

How to Make Your Website More Accessible (WPMU DEV)

PageGauge: Quickly Assess Your Website’s Usability

www.pagegauge.io www.pagegauge.io

How to Create More Accessible Content

WP Accessibility Plugin

San Francisco WordPress Meetup to Host Joost deValk on July 27th

Beyond SEO: Copywriting for Professionals with Yoast

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016, 7:00 PM

717 California Street San Francisco, CA

94 WordPress Enthusiasts Attending

SEO has gone from a technical trade to being more marketing focused. Joost & Marieke will talk about how to gain great rankings & satisfied visitors by writing good content. Focusing on SEO copywriting has a major pitfall. We give examples and tips on how to write a post that is both readable as well as SEO-friendly.Presenter: Joost de Valk Joo…

Check out this Meetup →

East Bay WordPress Meetup Contributor Day

Participants in the 2015 East Bay WordPress Contributor Day. Credit: Anca Mosoiu.

You don’t have to be on the core team to contribute to WordPress. There are all kinds of ways to help out: answering questions in the support forum, writing and editing documentation, making translations, helping with accessibility, and more. 

Join us for a special extended session and give back to the WordPress community. We’ll show you how to do it and then get down to work. All you need is a WordPress.org (not .com) login and a laptop.

A2 Hosting is sponsoring pizza and Tech Liminal is sponsoring beer!

Links to Contributor Guides

• Accessibility 

• Core 

• Docs 

• Meta 

• Mobile 

• Polyglot 

• Support